Fly Ontime Aviation Sciences Academy


About the Course

This course is designed to train competent flight operations officers/Dispatch and to further qualify existing FOO in important key skills. Typical problematic situations in the Operations Control Center (OCC) are dealt with using realistic tasks, thereby strengthening essential skills. The course content is in accordance to ICAO Doc 7192 Part D-3:

Course code: DFOD -2302

What will you learn

Upon completion the participant will be able to understand:

  • Understand International, Local regulations and customer Airlines guidelines for safe and secure Aircraft Operation.
  • Understand what is a flight plan and airline operational control
  • Learn all basic stages of flight planning and understand the role of a flight dispatcher
  • Understand practical aircraft limitations and performance
  • Learn how to find the optimum flight route and what can impact the route planning
  • Learn how to Calculate and planned fuel for a flight and how it impacts operational expenses of the flight
  • Understand basic aviation weather

Course content

Topics covered during the course include:

Module 1 Civil Air Law and Regulation

Module 2 Aviation Indoctrination

Module 3 Aircraft Mass (Weight) and Performance

Module 4 Navigation

Module 5 Air Traffic Management

Module 6 Meteorology

Module 7 Mass (Weight) and balance Control

Module 8 Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Air

Module 9 Flight Planning

Module 10 Flight Monitoring

Module 11 Communication – Radio 

Module 12 Human Factors

Module 13 Security (Emergencies and Abnormal Situation)

Training based on the following reference material:

  • ICAO Doc. 10106, 9868, 9683 and 7192‐Part D‐3
  • ICAO Annex 1 ‐ Personnel Licensing
  • ICAO Annex 6 ‐ Operations of Aircraft
  • ICAO Annex 2 – Rules of Air and DOC 4444

Who should attend

  • Flight Operational Officer/Flight Dispatch,
  • Flight Operations Assistants,
  • Flight Operations Managers,
  • Operational Central Control (OCC),
  • Flight Control,
  • Anyone wishing to start a career as a Flight Operation officer/Flight Dispatch


  • Functional knowledge of the English language
  • The minimum educational level of successful completion of high school

Course duration

  • Time required to study this course is 12 Months

Exam policy

  • Class Participation : 10 Marks
  • Attendance : 10 Marks
  • Continuous Assessment Test (CAT): 10 Marks
  • Final Exam : 70 Marks


  • 90% Distinction
  • 70% Pass
  • 69% Fail

Certificate awarded

Upon successful completion of the final exam, a participant will be awarded with a Certificate in Flight Operation/Flight Dispatch Diploma.