Fly Ontime Aviation Sciences Academy


About the Course

This course is designed to gain indepth knowledge and understanding the concept of human factors in ground operation and helps the participant to increase their awareness on how human factors influence the behavior in the workplace and the impact of human performance on safety.

Course code: CHFG-2304

What will you learn

Upon completion the participant will be able to understand:

  • The Concept of Human factors and performance limitations
  • The components of human factors and their relationship to safely
  • How human factor improve safety
  • How human factor influence behavior
  • Human factors issues

Course content

  • Introduction to the Course Objectives
  • The Concept of Human Factors
  • The History of Human Factors
  • The Purpose of Studying Human Factors
  • Understanding Human Failure
  • The influence of human factors in Aviation
  • Human Factor Issues in Aviation
  • Human Factors Knowledge to improve Safety
  • Review of the Learning objectives
  • Final Exam

Who should attend

This course is designed for:

  • Ramp personnel
  • Baggage handling personnel
  • Cargo Handling personnel
  • Aircraft Maintenance Personnel
  • Catering personnel
  • Load masters and load control personnel
  • Airline operational staff
  • Airline Crew members
  • Air traffic controllers
  • Anyone wishing to gain in-depth knowledge in human factors in ground operations

Course duration

  • Time required to study this course is 06 Months

Exam policy

  • Class Participation : 10 Marks
  • Attendance : 10 Marks
  • Continuous Assessment Test (CAT): 10 Marks
  • Final Exam : 70 Marks


  • 90% Distinction
  • 70% Pass
  • 69% Fail

Certificate awarded

Upon successful completion of the final exam, a participant will be awarded with a Certificate in Human Factors in Ground Operations.